Hang With Me

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Electrolightz at Umass

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This may have been the funnest weekends of my life. Making fans, making friends, playing shows with LMFAO and Ludacris! That alone is ludicrous! Like in Spaceballs, “ludicrous speed”! We posted this a couple weeks ago, but figured I would repost here. enjoy!

New Rami Dearest Song- “Peace”

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I was supposed to be in the studio working on new Electrolightz songs, but I found myself only able to write folk songs lol. My writing greatly depends on my mood, and I was in a very Dylan mood at the time. I think you will notice Bob’s inspiration in this song. I also wanted to write something using the word “Peace” without it seeming hokey. I hope i accomplished that, maybe, possibly, i mean…
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this song. It’s one of my faves at the moment

Electrolightz Mix Tape Update #2

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Lady GaGa “Telephone” Electrolightz Remix

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Electrolightz Mix Tape Update!

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Footage from Electrolightz live @ Hollywood Palladium (From the Party Rock Tour w/ LMFAO)

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